how much does a website cost? 
Prices for website design can vary depending upon a few major things:

  • What type of website you need – information based, e-commerce, interactive, etc
  • What type of coding is needed to create this type of site
  • How many different features you need – like events calendar, photo or video gallery, social media interaction, blog, etc
  • How many pages your site will have – like home, about us, services, contact us, bio, etc
  • If you need content writing assistance
  • If you want ongoing maintenance / support

If your developer is using a template for your site then they shouldn’t be charging you for development (or at least minimum fees). And depending upon how many pages you have – they should only take about 30-40 hours or so for a standard (5-10 page website). If your web design company is building from scratch and you have a lot of features and pages, projects can take 100 to 300 hours and up – again just depending upon your projects specifications

for website projects do I pay all at once or as we go?The total cost is broken into 2 payments based on the proposed projects. The first payment is required in order to start the project, usually during or after the initial meeting. The first payment consists of 1/2 the design fee plus hosting and domain costs for one year. The final remaining 1/2 of the design fee is due just before the website launch.

how long will it take to build & launch a site?  Well, it depends… Building a site requires a commitment from both the design company and client in order to be completed on schedule. We will be doing most of the work but it will require a few things from you:

All logos, images and content for the site before project start
Design feedback and approval in a timely manner
Completed project review and feedback
Payments made when requested
If we can get everything we need from you early on and the approval process goes smoothly, it has been our experience that we can launch a site in as little as 3 weeks (depending on the size and complexity of the site).

what kind of support do you provide?  Each project includes 1 hour of onsite or remote training (depending on geographic location) after or just before launch. During that time we will review your website with you and provide a custom tailored support training guide for your implementation of the content management system (CMS).  We also provide email support as needed for the first year after website launch.

once my site is launched, can I still include add-ons?  The great thing about the web is that things are always changing. You should never feel stuck. We can always build add-ons or completely redesign you site. The add-ons will be billed at our hourly rate. If you have a special request for an add-on, please let us know and we can provide you a custom quote.

can I change my site once it’s launched?  Yes! Our CMS is the easiest way to add, change or remove content and images on your website. If you have ever used a word processor then you can update your site. Our goal is to provide you with the most simple tools to get your job done when it comes to your business on the web. Also, we will be there to help if you get stuck.

what if I wanted to use another design company or web host in the future?  If things don’t workout we would be sorry to see you go but we don’t lock you into anything with this service. We will provide you with a copy of your site and will cancel your hosting account. We do not offer partial month refunds if you are paying month to month for hosting. We will transfer your domain name to the provider of your choice, all you have to do is ask.


social media, internet marketing and current trends  We provide social media and marketing support such as facebook, twitter, pay per click and email campaigns. We design unique blogs that match your main design for a seamless integration with your website. We stay on top of the current trends, design techniques and inspiration in order to create beautiful unique designs that express your individuality. We offer a yearly spring cleaning of your website to refresh content, colors and/or design for an additional fee.

content management We provide rich Content Management Systems, allowing your website to be easily updated by you or your staff without the need for understanding how a web site is built. We provide complete training and support for the content management system.

business cards, logo design, brochures Visual Design is essential in presenting information to others. Graphic Design enhances the transfer of knowledge whether its a unique business card design or a unique website presence. Business cards should be an extension of your website design, they provide the gateway to your internet presence. We provide graphic design for business cards and brochures . We also provide customized logo designs.

statistics, analysis & maintenance We provide a analysis of your website on a quarterly basis to track what visitors look at, and where they and update keywords as needed.

hosting & domain packages are available

support We stand behind our work and are committed to helping our clients succeed on the web. If you have a question or a problem, we’re here to help