Our History

AWFE  has evolved to include all of our design elements, our design company setup apart from the accounting and tax company, this is my outlet for my creative energy, my passion.

We have evolved from a side project to an actual design company, a lot of design ideas that we are finally able to take the time to implement, create, to turn concepts into reality. All work and no play makes for one cranky person and while this might seem that I’m moving backwards rather than forwards, my passion is art and design, this is fun! Whether its drawing or tearing down a wall in my home because something inspired me to try an idea or designing a website, this is my fun time

AWFE started out as Shimmering Energy Designs, the idea that we are all connected through invisible energy lines connecting together, its the essence of our souls. Its the power of your imagination as it is expressed through a blending of harminous  intellect and intuition. It is magick  which denotes the practical fusion of Art, Science, and a spiritual wisdom, evoking the alchemist’s symbolic quest: to turn lead into gold, transmute the base into the noble. Magick is a fun word that suggest serendipity, spontaneity, creativity and productivity beyond all expectations.

AWFE means air, water, fire and earth. It is the energy of the magical element that spools the imagination: music in your head, the words that take shape to form a story, a thought, a post, a poem, a design, the single raindrop landing on your hand, the smile of a child, the purr of a cat, the joyous sound of a dog barking as he greets his owner, it’s the dance in your step, the performance in your heart

The magical spirit abounds in  this world – all you need is your imagination and the belief that magick is there for the taking, that it is there within yourself, it is all around us, open your eyes and see the world through the shimmering energy of light. Magick happens, you only need to look for it.

I believe that magick happens and everything happens for a reason.