Online Gallery

Coming soon, our online gallery where you can buy prints and artwork design by us and many other local talented artists.

Art Shows

It was definitely an experience being in an art show, I’d rather sell online and plan an event than be in one, to be honest. When my art starts feeling like work, then it’s no longer fun or my downtime. Also kind of felt like since I didn’t really know anyone in the art community (aka, I don’t have time in the middle of the day to go to art meetups and hang out at the library nor would I do that if I had free time), my art exhibit was in the location away from the main event (beer and wine). The Artist Den is awesome and the people are incredibly awesome but the event seems very unplanned out, there were no signs directing people to the other art exhibits or even people directing people to the other locations, sure there was a map and balloons but I didn’t see any signs, pointing more art down that street. And the few people that came through to the Artist’s Den, were checking out the photos above my exhibit created by the Artists at the Den. My event that I planned last year while small at least had signs posted on all the freeway exits directing people to the event. As an artist exhibiting work for the first time, I’ve been drawing and painting and designing since I was little but never had the time or desire to actual exhibit my art until recently but I think that the resources for new artists aren’t relatively available, for example, how does one price there art? I got one snobby answer from...